Saturday, January 19, 2013

introductory blog post. welcome knights of /new!

okay guys, first post on my new blog. This blog will focus on pondering and envisioning this world and all of its possibilities. There will be much deep thinking involved and possibly rants on life and society in general. As a student in high school still living with his parent, you can expect a good amount of ranting in some posts. i will attempt to update this blog every month or so.
if anyone has any interesting concepts having to do with the universe, science, or the number 42, feel free to tell me and i shall write all interesting thoughts i have about it (i can guarantee these thoughts shall at least be mildly interesting).

so that's it, expect to see what is described in the first paragraph, wonder of what will happen until that time, and make sure to never stop thinking.

EDIT: updated some information here, for your convenience, of course