Monday, February 29, 2016

A Lack Of Music Is Exactly the Problem with School.

We tend to forget the simple things in life.

Every time I write (*had written) a blog post, I always include music of some sort. Music is inherent with humanity, and even if you don't understand the English language, Shinedown's "save me" still makes sense. It's grief, and it's uniform in everyone's culture. Music is amazing because it can convey more than words can simply let loose. Music is a sound, and sounds can be simple or complex, and it's effect is astounding. In the princess bride, Inigo recognizes the sound of ultimate suffering, and in 300, when Astinos dies, Captain Artemis' cries of pain at the loss of his son scare the Persians away for an entire evening. Happiness is silence, a contentedness, which is probably why I haven't really been writing much on here, and more in my spiral notebook, the repository for all my random thoughts that save me from having to mull them over in my head. When I can't write, I listen to music, absorb the emotions of the story, and find a way to relate them to my own.

Needless to say, I'm rather pissed that some asshole in my school district found the need to restrict YouTube to the point where the only videos there are the crappy homemade videos that don't qualify as restricted content. I can't find Shinedown's Nowhere Kids, but for some reason, the third result is a pokemon battle in another language. Fucking thank you, AISD, as if I didn't feel stressed enough.

On top of that, the room I spend my off period doesn't allow even the faintest of cell signals to get through, so to force myself to not have a panic attack (other than hypnotizing myself) I had to pace all around the halls of my school in order to even relatively slow my heartbeat. Thank you, AISD, you done fucked up again.

I got that from my computer's auto-fill thingy when I type it in, but I can't play it, so instead of having noise, I instead have silence, the illusion of silence where there should be none.

Miss me?

It truly has been a while. So much stuff's gone on, an interesting developmental period in my life. The main one I can think of right now is the book Hypnotizing Maria, a book that made me question the very foundations of my reality and, if you ask me, much better than anything having to do with Pride and Prejudice. That book truly sucked, because of how boring it is, and I honestly had no interest whatsoever. I don't give a shit about how people in England felt 200 years ago, I already know how Jane Austen was trying to challenge the aristocracy or some shit like that. Feminism of any sort I hate to read about, because I'm beyond feminism. Other people may like to read it, but not me. I'm beyond feminism because I'm beyond the idea of whether someone's male or female. Fuck that shit, you're human, and that's good enough for me.

Instead of learning about how people in England 200 years ago wanted to get married, I learned how to adequately cheat at the game that is reality, how to awaken myself to life and how I can simply whisper a few words to myself and suddenly make my anxiety go away for a short while. I learned how to attain a higher level of thought, how to read people, and how to make myself more awake, all in the span of 150 pages or so.

Strangely enough, I couldn't hypnotize myself into getting interested in Pride and Prejudice.

Right now, I'm suggesting something to you. Your shirt's red.

A good amount of people reading this accept that suggestion as true. An equally good amount of people aren't wearing a red shirt, and have the ability to go "haha, you're wrong!" and disregard my suggestion.

But am I?
You should probably pay attention if I say you're wearing a red shirt. Believe me, it's a metaphor.
All hypnotism is is the accepting of suggestions about your current reality. I can use 500 suggestions, and eventually convince you that due to wavelengths or light patterns or whatever that your shirt is, in fact, red. It's only when someone does it in 2 or 3 that we consider it hypnotism. You're hypnotized right now. I can suggest to you that you're in a cage, and that's all I need to do. If you accept that suggestion, your mind will fill in the rest. Whatever it looks like or how many bars, that's your mind's decision, but the initial suggestion is mine: you're in a cage right now. Can't you see it?

Hypnotizing Maria was a fantastic book because it helped me realize that the accepting and disregard of suggestions is something within my own scope of power. You can choose what suggestions you accept and disregard, and you can change your reality based on those perceptions of it. I could've chosen to accept the suggestion that Pride and Prejudice was entertaining, I really could've, but I didn't want to. If I had, maybe I wouldn't have made a 50 in English last six weeks, and maybe I wouldn't be as hard pressed to pass that godforsaken class. Maybe I wouldn't be here on this blog post bitching about how my life's kinda going downwards. Maybe my girlfriend wouldn't have broken up with me. Maybe.

I'll avoid that topic, I'm still in shock, so I haven't broken down and felt anything. Maybe when I do I'll write another blog post, but in the meantime, the stress of these past few weeks really got to me this morning, making me lag behind in a dance class that seemed to be missing a whistle and army helmets. I had the usual "end of the grading period" frenzy where I had to present at least 5 final grades (one to be presented tomorrow). The whole thing with Pride and Prejudice in English went on for the entire grading period, so that shit was unavoidable, and it's made me dread the entire class (at the very least, more than I already did). What's funny is I'm in English class right now as we watch the Pride and Prejudice movie, complete with worksheet on a comparison between the book and movie versions of the character.

All I can think is "why?" At least pick a less boring movie!

The amount of shade thrown in this movie/book is the only reason to check it out. I highly suggest the movie.
I could go on and on about Pride and Prejudice. This blog post is more interesting than that book, but you may disagree. My sister enjoys that kind of thing, exploring the idea of real life and it's ordinaryness. Switched At Birth is one of her favorite shows, but I can't see the appeal. All that it is is real life drama with one simple question: what now? Whatever the hell you want, that's what's now. Thankfully, I managed to get my sister into Person of Interest, where the problem is the urge to kill, and how it can be predicted through very real means, and what should be considered when using these means. In short, Person Of Interest provides worthwhile questions about society, which is important, considering nowadays it seems like society could collapse at any time.

Well, the Pride and Prejudice movie is something. Maybe that's because someone actually made it with the idea in mind that someone would have to sit through it.

Wow, I care about the whole thing about as much as Mr. Darcy does.

So....if this is how easy it is to get a girl, I'll gladly move out after I graduate.

This is almost as good a love story as Root and Shaw.

This is probably the wrong image to depict their relationship.

That, or the right one.
I should conclude this blog post before this all ends up becoming Pride and Prejudice commentary. I'll assume unless you also dislike Pride and Prejudice, it'll be too snarky for you to take in.

Pride and Prejudice is just another example of why I think screenwriting is a much more interesting profession than just writing (I'll hear no end of this from my mother), because a book can go as far as it likes in the life of the main character(s), but a movie can only go so far before the audience loses interest. They have to keep the story fresh and exciting, no time for a week in bed, the movie skips to right afterwards. The book shows you a main character in a scene, the movie shows you the best angle to view it in. Fantastic books are all over the place, but fantastic movies are rare as life.

If Leo had been in this movie, he probably still would've won an Oscar.
All around us is fantastic art, art that mimics the hypotheticals of life and what we must do compared with who we are. All around us, no matter how terrible it is, we have to try to take it in and understand it.

All around us, AISD will still censor it for no reason.